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Consider Yourself Lucky

Jay McGrath

If you were to watch the Masters, you would have seen some of the toughest putting green conditions any course in golf can offer.  The greens changed in pace just about everyday with moisture and pollen levels rising and diminishing throughout the course of the tournament.  They also were very difficult to read.  Just to top it off, the greens had some of the most challenging ridges and slopes in the world.

When approaching a putt on a green like this, it is essential to think about your fundamental putting form, and have faith in it.  By using a great golf training aid like an outdoor or indoor putting green, your game will improve in terms of putting.  If you ever want to think about making it on a course like Augusta, you will need to sink putts and make precise pitch shots.  Just ask any player on the PGA Tour.


Jay McGrath

When you are on a putting green outside, huddled over a ball in your putting stance, there should be two thoughts running through your mind:  Tick-Tock.  Your putting stroke should be a simple pull back and follow through.  Too often golfers are haunted by the mental side of things, and they try to overcompensate for what they may believe is the correct read, or the situation, or the fact that they need this putt to save par.

The fact is there are too many things that go through a golfer’s mind when they are trying to sink an all-important putt.  While this is true for just about any shot, a putt is certainly the most pressure-packed shot because you know exactly what situation you have left yourself in over the course of the hole, and you know what you have to do to save par, get the elusive birdie, or even save a terrible hole from earning disaster status.  To get the confidence back in your putting stroke, you need to practice putting and practice it often.  Become familiar enough with your stroke that it becomes nearly second nature, a simple tick-tock running through your mind every time.  If you can do this, your game will vastly improve, and you will get more of those clutch par saves and one-putts than you had when you had been more worried about everything riding on the putt and not the putt itself.